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Stay true

I came out of my building one day, and I saw a pair of tennis shoes carefully lying on top of a cement block. I thought “Mmm, they look quite new, maybe the owner is around the corner….” I went to do my chores and forgot about them. The next day -to my surprise- the shoes […]

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In a few years from now, I will have lived more time abroad than in my home country. After all these years, I wonder sometimes what culture I belong to. A part of me feels Salvadorian (as I was born and raised there), yet when I go back what used to be “home”, I don’t […]

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Today it was shattered into pieces.

How to stand nordic weather

The most popular saying in Norway is: “There is no bad clothes, only bad weather”. That’s right, you read correctly. Well, it may not be the actual saying, but it’s my version after 4 winters here. No good clothes can make it up for the kind of weather we’ve had in the past couple of […]

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A working day in Norway

It’s my 1st day of work, 2007, clean desk, new PC and a week of training before me. Lunch breakes with the team, coffee with the newbies. There is something about starting a new job…. It’s like any new beginning: your motivation and enthusiasm brushes away any hint of imperfection or red flags. It’s a good thing […]

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Learn Norwegian

Speaking Norwegian means a step further in understanding the culture and getting a job. If you persevere, chances are you will find a job before you speak Norwegian fluently. However, many more doors will open up if you do speak the language. Also, if you are planning to stay long-term, you might want to understand […]

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