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Wedding: I wish I hadn’t…

Divorced? no, at least not yet! I was at a friend’s wedding, and it was 100% Pure Norwegian. My very first! I was really looking forward to it, especially because I got to wear a pretty dress and more makeup than usual! This event made me realize how little I know about “dressing up to […]

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Cheap stay in Oslo

Hey everyone, We all agree that Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world. When I see tourists around, I wonder: are they millionaires?? Where can you stay in Oslo without spending a fortune? Today I’d like to share with you my latest discoveries: Bed & Breakfast directory: this site will give […]

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Expat talk or how to grow your Network

What happens when 8 nationalities sit together to eat, drink and change the world? They talk about the one thing they have in common: the country they live in, as expats. No, I’m not talking about the G8 summit. I’m talking about last night, no further than my own living room. (more…)

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Check these links!

Hey People, I wanted to share 2 of my latest discoveries: The Nordic Page: you want to follow current events in Norway but don’t speak the language? This website is for you!! It’s an online newspaper about Norway in English. I particularly liked their “Headlines” link where they show and explain in english the front […]

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Little Red Riding RUSS

As I turned the page on Easter with nostalgia, my spirits were lifted up again when I saw that oh-so-familiar pair of red overalls: it’s RUSS season! So what is exactly RUSS and what does it entail?  Well, it’s yet another Norwegian tradition, this time among the youngsters. Turns out it started in the 1700s, […]

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