Archive | June, 2011

Residence permit? Answer this first!

When I started my first job in Norway, I got the questionnaire below about “How to know if you are Norwegian”. I have to confess I answered “positive” to more questions than I’d like to admit. I don’t know who created the original. A friend reminded me of it recently and a norwegian colleague kindly […]

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News & Activities

Hey fellow expats! Here are some new discoveries I’d like to share with you: You probably have family and friends coming over this summer. Why not try a different way of discovering the city? I came accross a different kind of city-tours of Oslo and though I haven’t tried it myself, I thought some of you […]

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Civility – or lack of such

What do New York, Berlin and Mexico City have in common? Lots of people!! These are among the largest cities in the world. Another less-known fact is that they are considered to be among the Top 10 most polite cities in the world (Source: Rider’s Digest, 2007). Surprised? When you think about it, most big […]

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