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Multicultural upbringing

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a nice weekend! I saw a neighbour putting away the parasol from his terrace. Does this mean….No! I will stick to my tradition and refuse to accept that the Autumn is falling on us, one leaf at a time. I wanted to share this article that was published in an […]

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6 Insider Tips about Working in Norway

For 5 years I’ve been quite sure that I «mastered» my host country. I thought my multicultural background and international experience would help me spot and adapt to cultural differences; giving me the flexibility of a circus freak in the melting pot of a cosmopolitan city. As it turns out, after careful inner search and […]

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Quote of the day

“In Norway, a message from Management is not perceived as an order but rather as an interesting suggestion that could be taken into consideration.” Source: Dagens Nærensliv

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Love Beer – the law says so!

Curious fact i learned about the relationship between norwegians and beer. (Sorry about the bad quality! HEre is the text if you can’t manage to read it: “Brewing was very much a part of farm life in old Norway. Indeed farmers were required by law to make beer and could loose their lands if this […]

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DN article: norwegian code of conduct

Bitter end of summer

My mind was set on sharing my risk-free adventures in the south of France as my 1st post after summer. Recent developments convinced me otherwise. In a previous post, I wrote about awareness, and how we take security for granted within our Norwegian bubble. On July 22nd, some guy burst our bubble. This event demonstrates […]

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