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Birthday: Part II

Everything was ready. The question was: would everyone show up?… After last year’s party I wasn’t very optimistic. This year was my second shot at throwing a successful birthday party for my now 2-year-old. What I should have learned from the 1st party was: Prepare some entertainment Remember the “goodies bag” and The cake should […]

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News & Activities

Hello everyone! The julebord (Christmas party) season has started! Together with darkness… Remember to plan ahead so you have lots to look forward to this winter  These are my latest discoveries to spice up your life in Oslo: The Events List – Oslo: The Events List is a non-profit, community service intended for individuals of the English […]

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I never was any good in physics. Our teacher was a french hippy who loved climbing (that explained his spider-like shape) and wore patch-work baggy pants from Guatemala, matching his 80’s haircut. He looked like a white MC Hammer with long hair. We all loved him. Especially because he was as astonished as us before the […]

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