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Is Norway for you?

Most people think twice before moving to Norway, because of different reasons: the weather, its culture, the cost of living… But this nordic country is also very attractive in many ways (safety, standard of living, its welfare system otherwise called “welfare-porn” by an englishman whose name I can’t trace). This article on “The World’s Happiest (And Sadest Countries)” […]

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"We have butter!" at the entrance of a supermarket. 17/12/2011.

At last: butter-case closed!

“We have butter!” at the entrance of a supermarket. 17/12/2011. In this post you will find the translation I promised of an article in Norwegian about the “Butter crisis”. Although a bit late, it does bring light into the subject of expensive foods in Norway. I must say translating this article (to the best of my ability, which -just […]

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The sign reads: "We're sorry! Due to production and delivery problems at Tine Dairy (the main producer of dairy products in Norway), we are unfortunelty out of stock for Bremykt (the butter brand) and Meierismør Bordpakning (another butter brand). This problem concerns the entire country. The Staff."

I Can’t Believe There’s No Butter!!

Baking is one of my favorite hobbies, so when my husband made his request for Cinnabons, I ran to the store without hesitation. What was my surprise, when I saw the shelves of the dairy alley empty for butter. There was nothing but disappointing margarine. I’d heard something about the rise in popularity of low-carb diets, […]

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