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Cyclist in Amsterdam

Sports in Norway: not everything is about skis

One might wonder what is there to do in the Nordics when the snow is gone (well yes, some people mistake “Nordics” and “north pole”, they think it’s always winter here, we ride sleighs instead of cars, penguins deliver mail and polar bears guide traffic… –basically we live in a cartoon). I can’t say I […]

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Why NOT to buy chicken sausages

Today I found an article featuring one of Norway’s most respected cooks giving disgusting insight about chicken sausages. Norway is a country of sausage lovers. The problem is that what used to be an occasional treat on special dates such as children’s birthdays and the 17th of May (Constitution Day), is becoming a regular item in the fridge for […]

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Shall we book a meeting?

Are you lonely? Do you hate decision-making? Would you rather talk than get things done? Why not CALL FOR A MEETING! You can: Meet other people Fall half-asleep in a safe environment Postpone decisions Take endless amounts of meaningless notes Feel important Impress and/or bore your colleagues And all of this during paid working hours! “MEETINGS” […]

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Top 5 Expat Apps! For FREE!

“Why are you always wearing your headphones?? You look like you work in logistics” my lovely husband threw at me on a busy Saturday morning in a crowded mall. We are truly inseparable, for better or worse (my phone and I), and here are my Top 5 Free Expat Apps in answer to my better […]

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Taming foreign words on their own turf

On the path towards dominating a language, one often finds more than a few challenges. These will ultimately bring you forward because once you’ve overcome them, you will be geared to go at higher speeds. It is not without pain, especially when you come out of class and have to deal with uncertainty for every other sentence you say. You […]

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