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Everyday practicalities

A week in Paris will make you change your entire wardrobe. I travel there often to visit my mom, and experience has taught me to bring as little as possible: toothbrush and underwear, only for the first few days while I find new replacements. When shopping, I cheer in front of the mirror thinking i have […]

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Expat talk or how to grow your Network

What happens when 8 nationalities sit together to eat, drink and change the world? They talk about the one thing they have in common: the country they live in, as expats. No, I’m not talking about the G8 summit. I’m talking about last night, no further than my own living room. (more…)

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Check these links!

Hey People, I wanted to share 2 of my latest discoveries: The Nordic Page: you want to follow current events in Norway but don’t speak the language? This website is for you!! It’s an online newspaper about Norway in English. I particularly liked their “Headlines” link where they show and explain in english the front […]

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Basic Instinct

Call me ignorant (or lazy?) but this week I was in Grønland for the first time in 4+ years. As I came out of the subway, I saw a guy being arrested hand-cuffs-and-all at 8:45 am (mental note: dare to take more pictures). This episode got me thinking… (more…)

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Jobs, apartments, etc

If you have to remember one thing and one thing only, tattoo this on your forehead if necessary: www.finn.no Whatever it is you are looking for wherever you live in Norway, you can be sure you will find it there. You want a job? Companies publish the same job ads here as on their corporate website. […]

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